Bharatha Bhooshira Mandira Sundari

Directed by the genius film director, Puttanna Kanagal, the film Upaasane revolves around this girl  who is born for, loves and worships classical music. All songs in the movie are super hits. Shri Vijaya Bhaskar scored outstanding music for this musical film that made such deep impression on me. I sometimes wonder if the great film Shankarabharanam derived some inspiration from this film Upaasane, since this is the predecessor.

Composed in raga Saramathi, this song speaks about the temple and its deity KanyaKumari at the tip of India on the banks of Indian ocean. The lyricist  ShriVijaya Narasimha praises the Goddess with beautiful musical phrases (swaraksharas in several places like SaaMa Ga na, Pala gadala etc). The song is soulfully sung by the legendary singer Smt. S.Janaki and gives the listener a lasting divine experience.

Paying respectful tribute to all the great artists that gave us this gem of a song, I attempt to sing this favorite song myself. Hope you like my humble attempt. Thank you so much for listening!
Film: Upasane (1974)
Lyrics: Vijaya Narasimha
Music: Vijaya Bhaskar
Original Singer: S.Janaki
Cover By: Sarada


shanrsp said...

Super !!!!!

Unknown said...

What is it's raaga can u please say it

Unknown said...

Can u please say it's raaga

Sarada Bhagavatula said...

I believe it is Saaramathi raga.

MANJU said...

Beautiful song .Heard in kanyakumari temple it's playing every week or everyday