Ye Swasalo Cherithe - Nenunnaanu - A Telugu Classic

One of the most beautiful songs I ever came across .... carefully sculpted by the lyricist, the music director and finally the singer that poured life into it.

Such meaningful lyrics beautifully penned by Sirivennela for the situation in this film. I have provided the translation below...

Music by Keeravani for this song is outstanding. The song is completely set in a fast pace, high pitch and very effectively composed in Mohana ragam. Apt because, this song is about Krishna and it is believed that Mohana ragam is Krishna' favorite ragam :)

To top it all, K.S.Chitra's soulful singing made this an ultimate divine treat.

This is just my humble attempt of this favorite song. Please listen whenever time permits. Thank you very much in advance !!

Lyrics with translation:

ye shwaasa lo cherite gaali gaandharvamavutunnado
Engrossed in whose breath, air transforms into the tune of gandharvam
ye movipai vaalite mouname mantramavutunnado
Landing on whose lip, silence transforms into a divine chant
aa swaasalo ne leenamai
Let me be immersed in that breath
aa movipai ne mounamai
Let me be the silence on that lip ..
ninu cherani maadhavaa.. aa.. aa..
Let me reach you Madhava..

munulaku teliyani japamulu jaripinadaa .... muraLI sakhi
What prayers had the flute (Murali) made which were not known even to the sages
venukaTi bratukuna chesina punyamidaa
Is it the good deeds done in her past life,
tanuvunu niluvuna tolichina gaayamune tana janmaki
that made her to construe the holed bruises chiseled all over her body
taragani varamula sirulani talachinadaa
as the undiminished bounty of boons in her life?
kRshnaa ninnu cherindi ashTaaksharigaa maarindi
She reached you and turned into a chant of eight syllables (eight notes or octave)
elaa inta pennidhi veduru taanu pondindi
How could a bamboo stick acquire such rich treasures
venu maadhavaa nee sannidhi
How could she attain place before your divine countenance

challani nee chirunavvulu kanabaDaka kanupaapaki
If your cool soothing smiles are not found
nalu vaipula naDi raatiri eduravadaa
wouldn't dark night be encountered in all four corners?
allana nee aDugula saDi vinabaDaka hRdayaaniki
If the sounds of your foot steps are not heard by heart
alajaDito aNuvaNuvu taDabaDadaa
wouldn't every inch in body tremble in anxious vexation
nuvve naDupu paadamidi
This is the foot which you made to walk
nuvve meeTu naadamidi
This is the music that is stringed by you
nivaaLigaa naa madi nivedinchu nimushamidi
This is the moment, I offer my heart as tribute
venu maadhavaa nee sannidhi
Oh Venumadhava in your holy presence is,

raadhikaa hRdaya raagaanjali
This song of Radhika’s heart…
nee paadamula vraalu kusumaanjali
The floral tribute showered on your feet
ee geetaanjali
This song.. a chanting tribute.
Title : Ye Swasalo Cherithe
Film : Nenunnanu (2004) (Telugu)
Lyricist: Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry
Music: M.M.Keeravani
Original Singer: K.S.Chitra
Sung by: Sarada
Translation: Ch.J.Satyanand Kumar garu


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Just a great song and an equally good translation. Keep it up.

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wonderfull translation beautifull song!

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Awesome song! Very well translated. God bless you.

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అద్భుతమైన పాట ! అంతే అద్భుతంగా అనువదించారు

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Stay blessed!

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Marvelous. As good as Chitra gaaru. Wonderful. Keep it up.

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Awesome song! Very well translated. God bless you.I do not know telugu but I really enjoy this raga. After going through your translation it is really marvellous and God is in the form of Music


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I become great fan of Sarada Garu.

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Hi Madhubharathi, It is great to hear from you. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and hearing my song. Thanks a lot for compliments 🤗