Dooradinda Bandantha Sundaraanga JaaNa

This time I am singing a very popular song from the Kannada film Samshaya Phala.

This tune was composed by Salil Chowdury, first for “naam mera nimmo” ( Film: Sapan Suhane – 1961) and was sung by Lata ji, Manna Dey and Dwijen Mukherjee. He later used the same tune in Kannada for Samshaya Phala. The improvised Kannada version was intoxicatingly sung by L.R.Eshwari and is a popular hit. This is my first cover of an L.R.Eshwari’s song.

The one thing I love about this song is how in very simple words the girl speaks of the deep philosophy of how to lead a happy and carefree life. Please take a listen. Thanks so much!

Brief translation of some lines…

“When opportune time arises for an event, let it happen. Make hay while the sun shines. Quit worrying about it!

Never let your desires and ambitions die out. Whatever comes to you, accept with no complaints.

Don’t stand somewhere thinking you are the greatest, just do what it takes. For, if all the love I have for you simply dies out because of your procrastination, then don’t blame me!"
Title: Dooradinda Bandantha Sundaraanga JaaNa
Film: Samshaya Phala (Kannada)(1971)
Lyrics: Ku Ra See
Music: Salil Chowdary
Original Singer: L.R.Eshwari
Cover By: Sarada

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vasu devan said...

wow..great. i also singing the song .