Ee Hasiru Siriyali

A young girl runs out into the fields and sings happily to reveal the fresh news about her wedding to all her familiar surroundings. She greets the peacock (navilu), the parrot(giLi), the squirrel(aLilu), the mountain (giri), the river (nadi), the tender leaves (chigurele) and shares her feelings of excitement with them. She expresses how much she is going to miss all of them when it is time for her to leave home and go far away!!

The song is originally sung by noted Hindustani classical vocalist from Karnataka, Sangeeta Katti/Kulkarni. A beautiful composition in raga Mohana, this song is very catchy. I am so happy to sing and share it here with all of you. Hope you will enjoy my attempt ! :)

Thanks so much in advance!

 Lyrics with translation:

Ee hasiru siryali manasu mereyali navile…
O peacock, in this wealth of greenery, let my heart dance with pride
Ninhaangeye kunive ninnantheye nalive navile navile
O peacock, it dances like you, it jumps like you in joy
Ee nelada neleyali kanasu suriyali navile
O peacock, right here, on this land, let the dreams pour
Neenene naanaaguve geluvaagiye olive navile navile
Dear peacock, or did you turn into me?

Tangaali beesi barade sougandha sukhava tarade
Doesn’t the cool breeze come? And bring sweet fragrance with it?
Chigureleyu elli marave ninna gelathi naanu moreve
O little tender leaf, where did you hide? it is me, your friend looking for you…
Matyaake mouna giliye sityaake endu tiliye
O parrot, why are you silent again? why are you angry, tell me…?
Hotyaake helu alile gutyaake nanna baliye
O squirrel? Why delay? why secrects with me?
Heleere nimmanna naa hyaanga mareyale toreyale
Tell me, how I can forget you all?

Enantha munisu giriye maathanna marethe sariye
O mountain, why so angry? Forget to say even a word? Is that right?
Jenantha preethi suride nanna jeeva jeeva nadiye
O my perennial river, won’t you let your love, which is as sweet as honey, flow?
Sura loka idanu bidale tavarige saati ideye
Should I leave this heaven? Is there anything like home ?
Chirakaala illi irale naguthiru neeli mugile
Dear blue cloud, you stay here, forever, happy and smiling…
Naaninnu nimminda bahudoora saaguve harasire
Now, I will go very far from all of you… bless me...
Title: Ee Hasiru Siriyali
Film: Nagamanadala (Kannada)(1997)
Lyrics: Gopala Vajpayee
Music: C.Ashwath
Original Singer: Sangeetha Katti
Cover By: Sarada


Anonymous said...

wow! nice melodious song...

Anonymous said...

thanks for d lyrics..superb song

R.Masilamani said...

Excellent melodious song.

Unknown said...

thanks for the english lyrics & Yes its a melodious song becauz of excellent voice, i hope u know

Ramesh said...

What a meaningful lyrics and excellent melody

Shijith said...

Oh my dears... Thanks for the help... Im from Kerala and I like the song a lot... More than my malayalam songs... Coz of the sweetness of this song.. but I didn't know what the lyrics mean.... Now I know the lyrics... hats off to the lyricist ( I don't know his/her name) ,the Music director C.Aswath, and the singer Sangeetha Katti... And thank u so much guys

Unknown said...

Very heart touching song.
I like so very much.
I love this song.
One of my favourite song.
Thank you

Unknown said...

It is in which raaga??

Anonymous said...

Very good translation, I was finding it difficult to understand and your translation makes the song even more enjoyable.
One minor suggested correction. Last word in the song "harasire" means, I think, bless me or wish me luck

Anonymous said...

Yes. Thank you. I will check that.