Telimanchu Karigindi

K.Vishwanath is a genius film director who gave wonderful works of art, movies based on classical arts. The film "Swathi Kiranam" revolves around the story of a musically gifted child prodigy, a 12 year old, whom his guru recognizes as being gifted beyond what he knows and can offer. That sows the seeds of jealousy in the guru which ultimately destroys him….

This particular song is sung by the boy one early morning as he goes to the banks of the local river and watches the sun rise. He calls upon the Sun God to wake up and inspire everything on this earth.

Telimanchu karigindi talupu teeyanaa prabhu
Ila gonthu vanikindi pilupuneeyanaa prabhu

O Lord, the early morning fog has become dew, shall I open the door for you? Looks like the earth is waking up, should I call you to rise up and start your work? The poet is addressing the Sun God, beckoning him to wake up for it is getting too late – the dew is forming already and even the people seem to awake already.

Nee doava podavunaa kuvakuvala swagatham
Nee kaali alikidiki melakuvala vandanam

The birds are chirping welcome praises in your way and the world is generally bowing to you just by the hint of your arrival.

Ee poola raagala pulakintha gamakaalu
Gaarabu kavanaala gaali sangathulu

The colors emanating from these blooming flowers seem to be like the “gamakas” and the wind seems to be playing “sangathis” to welcome your arrival.

Nee charana kiranaalu palukarinchina chaalu
Pallavinchunu prabhu pavalinchu bhuvanaalu

The whole world would bow to you right after you show up at its doorstep (as soon as the sun rises).

Bhaanumoorthy, nee prana keerthana vini palukani
Pranathulani pranava sruthini
Paadani prakruthini pradhama kruthini.

O Sun-God, these welcome praises are nothing but the salutations to you by Mother Nature (along with her children i.e., us) in the form of a song which is nothing but a manifestation of our root note “Om”.

Bhoopala, nee mrola ee baela gaanalu
Nee raajasaanikavi neeraajanaalu

O King, all these welcome songs that we are singing in your presence are compliments to your kingship.

Pasaru pavanaalalo pasikoona raagalu
Pasidi kiranaalu padi padunuthelina chaalu

The music of a baby's cry that one hears in the breeze gets coated by your golden rays…

Thalayoochu, thaliraaku bahuparaakulu vini doralani
Doranagavu dontarani tharalani daari tholagi raathirini.

makes the gentle leaf sway its head, as if it were bowing to you welcoming you. May your laughter (i.e., your arrival) enlighten the world by letting the darkness disappear.
Title: Teli Manchu Karigindi
Film : Swathi Kiranam (Telugu)
Lyrics: Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry
Music: K.V.Mahadevan
Original Singer(s): Vani Jayaram
Sung & Mixed By: Sarada


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Sarada !
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Nirmala said...

Good work Sarada. I love your voice as well as the presentation of the song. You attempted and were successful in each and every sangathi that Vani Jayaram has sung!!
Keep it up and keep posting new songs.

Sarada Bhagavatula said...

Maruthi, Santha, Nirmala,
Thanks so much for listening and your encouraging comments :)

Anonymous said...

adbutham ga vundi.............

Anonymous said...

Love this song, Vani amma was awarded National Award for her songs in this movie.
Thanks a lot for the lyrics and translation.
Excellent translation.

Unknown said...

Excellent translation

Tamilazhagan said...

What is the ragam of this song?

Tamilazhagan said...

But i think it is charukesi

Sarada Bhagavatula said...

Pallavi sounds like Bhowli, charanam sounds like Charukesi roughly ..

Unknown said...

Please explain in telugu medam

Unknown said...

Bhupala raagam

Tamilazhagan said...

Vasanthi and charukesi

Tamilazhagan said...

It sounded like vasanthi and charukesi.

Manju said...

Loved your singing. Was searching the lyrics of this song and found this website.