Piya Basanti Re

***** Please watch the VIDEO here. *****

Presenting a beautiful song from the album Piya Basanti (2000).

As I worked on this, once again I learned what an inimitable singer Chitra is, such a sweet melodious voice, delicate but clear and firm murkhis/harkats and the wonderful expressions and feelings …. I tried really hard to do justice. I am a huge huge fan of her :)

As always, Azam did a brilliant job with the aalaaps and precise diction and delivery. Also, many thanks to him for the time he spent doing the audio/video mixing so wonderfully.

Please listen and kindly provide your valuable feedback on our effort. Thank you so much ….
Title: Piya Basanti Re
Album: Piya Basanti (2000)
Music: Sandesh Shandilya
Original Singers: Ustad Sultan Khan & Chitra
Sung By: Azam Khan & Sarada
Audio/Video Mixing: Azam

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