Maa Telugu Talliki Malle Poodanda

Happy Birthday, Andhra Pradesh !!!

The first linguistic state of Indian Union, Andhra Pradesh formed on November 1st, 1956, by uniting the Telugu speaking areas of erstwhile states of Hyderabad and state of Andhra (formed in 1953 October 1st by bifurcating the Telugu speaking areas of Madras state). On this occasion, Latha and I proudly present this beautiful song imbibing the rich cultural heritage of Telugu people, superbly written by Sri Sankarambadi Sundarachari. The song has been later adopted as official state song of Andhra Pradesh. Here it goes, our jasmine flower garland to the motherland of Telugu people :) Please listen and enjoy!!

Once again, I am very grateful to Latha for all the hard work she has put in on the voice alignment and video editing.
Title: Maa Telugu Talliki Malle Poodanda
Lyrics: Sankarambadi Sundarachari
Sung by: Latha & Sarada
Video Concept & Editing: Latha

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