Tum Ko Piya Dil Diya

This is a beautiful song of 60s which gave a big breakthrough to the composer G.S Kohli. Mangeshkar sisters have sung it with great feel. The dance composition of this song is wonderful and so is the performance of Helen & Ragini (younger sister of actress Padmini). One must see the extraordinary footwork of these excellent dancers ..

Latha who is well known for her honey dripping sweet voice has joined me in presenting this and she has done a mesmerizing job!! I am extremely thankful for all her work on getting the audio and video mixed. The video dubbed with our voices makes it puzzling for viewers to distinguish for whom we both are singing:)

Title : Tum Ko Piya Dil Diya
Film : Shikari
Music : G.S Kohli
Lyrics : Faruk Qaiser
Original Singers : Lata Mangeshkar & Usha Mangeshkar
Sung By : Sarada & Latha

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