Sada KaNNale

Here comes another melodious hit marvelously composed by M. Ranga Rao who gave innumerable super hit songs to us. Chi.Udayashankar did the lyrics for this song, who is again a remarkable figure in Kannada film industry and is credited with thousands of wonderful songs. This song is picturized on Jayaprada and Dr.Rajkumar playing the role of Kalidasa. Annavaru also did playback singing for this song.

For those of us who may not know, Dr.Rajkumar was not only a versatile actor but was also an accomplished playback singer. Dr.Rajkumar is the only artist who won national awards for both acting and singing. He indeed lives in the hearts of all Kannadigas.

The expressions and alaaps done by Annavaru are especially attractive and very brilliantly emulated by my co-singer, Vishak Subramoney.
I am especially grateful to Vishak for joining me in singing all these Kannada songs. I thank him for being patient and extremely accomodative to my demands as we worked on these songs.

Please listen and enjoy.
Title: Sadaa KaNNale
Film: Kaviratna KaLidasa (Kannada) (1983)
Music: M. Ranga Rao
Lyrics: Chi. Udayashankar
Original Singers: Dr.Rajkumar & Vani Jayaram
Sung by: Vishak Subramoney & Sarada Bhagavatula


santha said...

cool song.nicely sung.all the best. Keep going

Prashant S Andani said...

Which raaga was this song composed in ?

Sarada Bhagavatula said...

Brindavana Saranga I think.

Archana said...

Yes, I felt the same. Brindavani saarang.