Ishta Devu Amgelo - Konkani Devotional Song

In our culture, we have something like favorite God, village God and family God. Wherever we move, we firmly believe that our beloved lord will shower His blessings and protect us. Our loving lord Venkataramana has to grant us wisdom in this life and also salvation. This is precisely what our prayer is. Lord Satyanarayana as well as lord Venkataramana are manifestations of the same God Vishnu. Therefore, we offer the same while visiting Tirupathi.

This devotional song is rendered by Smt. Sarada Bhagavatula. Lyrics by Sri Payyanur Ramesh Pai. Music componsed by Sri Gaurish Vernekar and presentation by Smt. Snitha Shenoy.

Line by line translation of the lyrics is provided in the video. Please watch and listen.

Title: Ishtadevu Amgelo (Konkani Bhaktigeet)
Lyrics: Sri Payyanur Ramesh Pai
Music: Sri Gourish Vernekar
Prologue: Smt. Smitha Shenoy
Singer: Smt. Sarada Bhagavatula

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