Endendu Ninnanu Maretu

Presenting an evergreen Kannada song by the extremely talented Rajan-Nagendra brothers who brought innumerable classics in  Kannada.

Rajan-Nagendra brothers scored music for about 375 films, over 200 of them in Kannada and the remaining in other languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Tulu, Hindi and Sinhala. They composed innumerable hits, hundreds of melodious tunes in their career spanning four decades. They also hold the record for the longest active musical pair in the industry. For this film, they received the best music director award in 1974-75.

The song Endendu Ninnanu Marethu became very popular and retained by Rajan-Nagendra in the Telugu version of movie Pooja as Enneno Janmala Bandham. The same song was also later used in the 1992 Hindi movie Jaan Se Pyaara.

I am very pleased to present the song along with Mushtaque Khan. This is Mushtaque Khan's first attempt of a Kannada song and he has done an outstanding job. Hope you enjoy this duet in our voices. Thank you so much :)
Title: Endendu Ninnanu Maretu
Film: Eradu Kanasu (Kannada) (1974)
Music: Rajan-Narendra
Original Singers: P.B.Srinivas & Vani Jayaram
Sung By: Mushy & Sarada

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