Aligina Velane Choodali (Gundamma Katha)

This is one of my favorite songs, a classic from the popular movie Gundamma Katha. A very cute song that paints the picture of Krishna's charming ways and the selfless love of mother Yashoda for him. In the movie, this is sung by the actress Savitri to bring down the quick temper of her husband.

The song describes how little Krishna looked when he was angry and upset because mother Yashoda caught him stealing butter in the middle of the night. It also describes, how Yashoda wanted to hide and protect her darling son from all the gopikas as they were getting drawn to him because of his mesmerizing flute.

Although very sincere, I know my attempt is no where close to the original version by the great singer, P.Susheela. But I love this beautiful composition in Desh ragam and enjoyed singing it so much. Please listen at your leisure. Thank you !

Lyrics In Telugu:

అలిగిన వేళనె చూడాలి గోకుల కృష్ణుని అందాలు
అలిగిన వేళనె చూడాలి
రుసరుసలాడే చూపులలోనే
ముసిముసి నవ్వుల చందాలు
అలిగిన వేళనె చూడాలి ॥

అల్లన మెల్లన నల్ల పిల్లి వలె
వెన్నను దొంగిల గజ్జెలు ఘల్లన
తల్లి మేలుకొని దొంగను చూసి
అల్లరిదేమని అడిగినందుకే
అలిగిన వేళనె చూడాలి ॥

మోహన మురళీ గానము వినగా
తహతహలాడుచు తరుణులు రాగా
దృష్టి తగులునని జడిసి యశోద
తనను చాటుగా దాచినందుకే
అలిగిన వేళనె చూడాలి గోకుల కృష్ణుని అందాలు
అలిగిన వేళనె చూడాలి ॥

Lyrics In English with Translation:

aligina velane choodali gokula krshnuni andaalu
To get a glimpse of beauty of Krishna (from Gokula), you should see him, when he is angry..
rusarusalaade choopulalone
In those angry eyes you can see,
musimusi navvula chandaalu
charming beautiful smiles !!

allana mellana nalla pilli vale
When he silently gets inside the house like a black cat
vennanu dongila gajjelu ghallana
to steal the butter, his anklets jingle..,
talli melukuni donganu choosi
mother Yashoda wakes up and looks at the little thief..
allaridemani adiginanduke
and when she asks him, "why this mischief..?"
aligina velane choodali
one should see the upset little face of Krishna and how cute he looks..

mohana murali gaanamu vinagaa
To listen to the mesmerizing flute of Krishna
tahatahalaaduchu tarunulu raaga
when the gopika ladies draw close to him..
drshti tagulunani jadisi yashoda
Afraid that he will catch the evil eye..
tananu chaatugaa daachinanduke
when mother Yashoda hides him..
aligina velane choodali gokula krshnuni andaalu
one should see the upset little face of Krishna and how cute he looks..
Title: Aligina velane Choodaali
Film: Gundamma Katha (Telugu) (1962)
Music: Ghantasala Venkateswara Rao
Original Singer: P. Susheela
Lyrics: Pingali Nagendra Rao
Sung By: Sarada


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Good is gold

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Really gem of a song...

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My all time favourite song tq for lyrics

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One of my favorite

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🙏🙏🙏 pingali gari Kalam nunchi jaluvarina adbhuta sahityam, suseelamma gari sumadhura gallam,ghanttasala master vari mahaadbhuta Sangeetha jari emani chepagalam. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏to everyone. No words to express. It's a master piece.