Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma

In this popular kirtana, Purandara Dasa, reverentially, calls and invites Goddess Lakshmi (the Goddess of wealth, fortune and abundance) into his home using enthralling poetry.

As you listen to this song, imagine the smiling Goddess Lakshmi fully decorated with all the jewelery, walking in. Her beautiful feet, making little steps are bedecked with jingling anklets and her hands offering infinite wealth are adorned with gem-studded sparkling bangles.

This tune/song is often played when a new bride steps into her husband's home(her new home) for the first time after wedding :)

I hope you listen and enjoy this kirtana. Thanks a lot :)

Lyrics and Translation:
Bhagyada Lakshmi baaramma
(O Goddess of prosperity, Lakshmi, come in)
Nammamma nee sowbhagyaada Lakshmi baaramma
(our mother, you are the Goddess of good fortune, Lakshmi, please come)

Gejje kaalgaLa dhwaniya tOruta
(making jingling sounds of your anklets)
Hejjeya mEle hejjeya nikkutha
(putting one step over another)
Sajjana sadhu poojeya vElege
(on time for your worship by the good and saintly)
Majjige yoLagina benne yanthe
(show up like the butter in the buttermilk, slowly but surely)

Kanaka vrushTiya kareyuta baare
(come, showering gold and wealth)
Manake maanava siddhiya tOre
(and fulfilling all our desires)
Dinakara kOTi tEjadi hoLeyuava
(shining like ten million Suns)
Janaka rayana kumaari bEga
(o, daughter of Janaka, come soon)

Atthitthagalade bhaktara maneyali
(without moving away, stay forever, in your devotees’ houses)
Nitya mahOtsava nitya sumangaLa
(receiving daily services and worship)
SatyavatOruva saadhu sajjanara
Chittade hoLeyuva putthaLi gombe
(o golden doll, shining in the hearts of good and saintly)

Sankhya illadaa bhaagyava koTTu
(giving countless amount of wealth)
KankaNa kaiyya tiruvuta baare
(with your hands adorned with sparkling bangles, come)Kumkumankita pankaja lOchane
(o, Lakshmi, lotus-eyed one, with a face adorned with kumkum)
VEnkaTa ramaNana binkada raaNi
(The lovely queen of VenkaTa ramaNa)

Sakkare tuppada kaaluve harisi
(letting sugar and ghee flow in our homes in streams…)
Shukra vaarada poojeya vELege
(on time for worship on auspicious Friday)
Akkara yandali aLagiri rangana
Chokka purandara viThalana raaNi
(The queen of Purandara ViThala, please come to our house)
Title: Bhagyada Lakshmi Baaramma
Lyrics: Purandara Dasa
Sung By: Sarada


smet said...

can you put this in devanagari and kannada?
-सुमित भट्ट

Unknown said...

Very pleasant devotional song thanks for translation.Jai Mata.

Unknown said...

Very pleasant devotional song thanks for translation.Jai Mata.

madhava garga said...

That's great, thanks

Unknown said...

That is not what Purandara Dasa meant.

Sheila Rajan said...

That is absolutely beautiful :)

Unknown said...

So beautiful, absolutely mesmerising keerthanam, thank you for translating

Unknown said...

Very religious & mind went in different world it's awesome

Unknown said...

Which ragam is this?

the common man said...

Hari Om,
One should listen to the same by Pandit Bhimsen Joshi --- it takes you to an another plane.

Unknown said...

Nice song i love it

Dr Shobha Srivastava said...

Beautiful, so melodious

Abhimanyu said...

really nice to see this translation, such service is really appreciated. May the translator see all the blessings from Laxmi mata

ravishanker_jbp said...

Can you elaborate what he meant as per your understanding ?

Unknown said...

Thank you for translation.

Anonymous said...

Such a nice composition, Thank you very much for translation. Happened to hear it sung by Selvi. Uthra Unnikrishnan soulfully -that bought me here to know the meaning after hearing many times.

BRAAMIC said...

Please visit Nama Madhuram YouTube channel for tamizh version of this song

Unknown said...

Such beautiful song to sing

Padma Sridhar said...

Very true.. I enjoy uthara unnikrishnan singing too.

Anonymous said...

Namaste, Great work