Saiyan Dil Mein Aana Re

I am back with another lovely duet with Latha. Few weeks ago, Latha asked me if I would like to sing this song with her as a duet. I love this song, so I said yes, but in my mind I was still not completely convinced that the lyrics can be split up and sung as a female duet. But after seeing/hearing the final product that Latha has conceived, I was very excited.

This is Vyjayantimala’s first film as a heroine and she was such a pretty actress. If one Vyjayantimala is so sweet, think of two Vyjayantimalas on the screen at the same time, must be double sweet. ;)

Please watch the video to hear/see for yourself. Great novel idea, Latha :-))

The song is originally sung by Padma Bhushan Shamshad Begum, yester years’ melody queen. I am a big fan of her lovely voice and unique style of expressive singing.
Please listen to this humble attempt of ours to cover this classic and leave your input. Thanks in advance!
Title : Saiyan Dil Mein Aana Re
Film : Bahar (1951)
Lyrics : Rajendra Krishan
Music : S. D. Burman
Original singer : Shamshad Begum
Sung by : Sarada & Latha

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