Aap Ki Nazron Ne Samjha

A gem among Lata Mangeshkar's golden oldies ...
Please listen and provide feedback on my attempt of this wonderful song. Thank you!
Title : Aap Ki Nazron Ne Samjha
Film : Anpadh (1962)
Original Singers : Lata Mangeshkar
Music : Madan Mohan
Lyrics: Raja Mehndi Ali Khan
Sung By : Sarada Bhagavatula

Mala Sinha


Parasmani said...

Such a nice selection! It felt very good to hear your voice again. Good expressions!
More classics, please!

sharath gudihal said...

Realy wonderful voice... Plz if possible sing keerthana's of anyone..Tyagaraja,muthuswami,puradaradas,annamacharya...
If u can sing the keerthana's which r in the raga's sindhubhairavi,kapi,shanmukhapriya,darbari kanada etc.,

Anonymous said...

Amazing rendition of an all time classic. Thanks for sharing this with us!


Kamalini said...

What a fabulous rendition! I am also a singer and this is one of my favourite songs. I will also attempt it on my YouTube channel. Do check it out. I am Kamalini Natesan.